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City Beautiful Pet Care Client Service Agreement Form

The terms “CBPC”, “we”, and “our” refer to City Beautiful Pet Care. The terms “You”, and “Your” refer to the Client/Pet/Owner.


CBPC agrees to provide adequate food, water, shelter, and humane treatment for your pet(s) at all times during the agreed scheduled visits. In addition, we agree to adhere to all state and local laws, and to the best of our ability and in the best interest of your pets, follow your oral and/or written additional instructions regarding your home and pets while they are in our care.

You understand and agree that CBPC is not responsible for the actions or consequences of actions of pets in your home between our scheduled visits. If your pet becomes lost, accidentally injured, ill, or dies due to natural or other causes uncontrollable by CBPC, you agree that you will not hold CBPC responsible and release and protect CBPC from any claim arising from said injury. If your pet bites or injures any human or other animal or causes damage to another’s property, you agree to hold harmless, indemnify and protect CBPC from any claim or suit filed by anyone as a result of such an incident; and you also agree to pay all citations, fines or fees related to the incident within the required period of the citation. If we deem it necessary to seek Veterinary Care for your pet, call Animal Poison Control, or purchase supplies needed to care for your pet or home, you agree to pay for or reimburse CBPC for any charges related to the service.

Payment for services provided is due prior to the service, unless it is a recurring weekly service, in which case the amount due may be paid weekly at the end of the week to account for potential schedule changes. Cash, check and Zelle payments are accepted. Cancellations may be made at any time, but CBPC reserves the right to charge for a service if it is cancelled last minute (less than 48 hour's notice for travel/overnight care, and less than 2 hour's notice for a daily visit). The full charge will apply to overnight care cancelled day of and daily visits cancelled upon arrival or when we are already on the way to your residence. Rates are subject to change, and additional charges may apply for holiday visits, extra pets, or excessive cleaning required.

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